Memorial Park, ACT

Memorial Gardens, Norwood Park Crematorium


When someone you love has died, many important and demanding decisions must be made.  Some of these can be overwhelming and complex, and some can bring a sense of relief and satisfaction.

The decision to create a memorial for this loved person is an important one to address.  Some questions to be considered are:

  • The type of memorial
  • The words for the plaque
  • Where in the Memorial Park
  • The financial cost involved

Why have a Memorial?

Many people through personal experience have expressed the importance of a memorial as a focus for grief.  Designing a memorial can help to complete the natural process of mourning and grieving for many families.  A memorial is one way of expressing your love and respect for the person who has died, and of reflecting something of their life in a lasting way.

Memorials are for the living. A memorial provides a focus, a place to visit in your grief and in your on going life.  It is of special benefit on anniversaries or important days in the life of the person who has died and in your life and those of your family and friends.  The days that were shared together may be marked in a healing way by visiting the memorial.

A Memorial Provides

A place for you to tend and in some measure experience a sense of still doing something for your special person.

A significant place for friends and family who were unable to attend the funeral to visit and to experience their grief.

A place where future generations learn something of their unknown relative.

A memorial offers a tangible link with the reality of death.  It tells us that death is part of life - the final stage of life, a step that each of us will take.  To know and to begin to accept this reality, encourages us to live life more fully; to enrich the quality of moments that make up our life.

Ipswich Cemeteries Staff are caring and sensitive in listening to your needs.  They offer information and assistance to help you in your decision, this need not be hurried.  Take the time you need to decide which memorial is the most appropriate to offer you a special place to visit in your on-going living.  Contact us today on (07) 5464 3145 to discuss your needs.